“I love family photos! It’s that time of the year when we are all together. We are reminded just how much we mean to each other”

If you can’t relate to the statement above, it indicates that taking a family photo is overdue! It’s easy to get so occupied with the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives that we forget the importance of capturing our most precious memories with a smile. Our family seems to always be there. We fail to get caught up in these special moments and make lasting memories of our lives’ daily activities and changes.

Family photos are not just some cliché activity that royal families do from time to time. It’s for everyone, and you definitely should get on that train too. Family photographs are not exactly overly formal photograph that requires tons of planning and careful execution. It’s as simple as the fun-filled family pictures you get together to take at Christmas or Thanksgiving.

We all make one mistake because we’re so used to the digital world that we have substituted professional family photos for iPhone pictures. While these do capture the memories and lovely moments, it cannot completely replace the value of taking a professional family photo.

So if you are on the side that prefers Social media picture albums and saving up gallery collections to the cloud so much that you have replaced nicely framed professional family photos with digital ones, here’s a list of 7 reasons why family photos are essential. But first, let’s have a clue of what family photos truly are;

What Are Family Photographs?

We might think that any picture that covers members of the family qualifies as a family photograph. That, however, is not entirely true. A Family photo is a professional photograph that captures and protects the family legacy in one picture. Now, this does not mean you all crowd around looking formal and professional with no smiles or self-expression. Family photos express a family, containing every member, and capturing moments and smiles frozen in time for generations to come. Family photos are much more critical than a mere show or picture-perfect smiles, and I’m here to show you just how.

Do I Need a Professional Family Photographer to Get Family Photos Taken?

As previously discussed, family photographs are beyond a good phone with a good camera and a fun time. To capture the bond between families, a professional family photographer is needed. With the frequency of family business and events to strengthen the bond of love, family photography has become an essential part of family business photography, and professionals have the expertise to capture the moment and bring out the love in everyone. This will include booking family photo sessions that will aid in creating the perfect family moment.

In my time as a professional family photographer, I’ve captured many happy, loving moments and organized family and holiday photo sessions for a long and prosperous career. If there is one thing I have learned in all that time, there are so many reasons to get a family photo taken, and I have highlighted my top 7 just for you.

So yeah, it’s time to get right into the business of the day and jump on the train right after this to get your family photos taken!

7 Reasons You Need to Get Family Photos

1.      They Boost Kids Self Esteem

You probably didn’t see this coming as my number one reason for taking family photos. Neither did I, but what can I say? I love kids. So you might be wondering how family photos can make kids happy and help their self-esteem. Well, if there’s one thing kids love the most, it’s a sense of belonging. Knowing they are a part of something so unique, which is captured and framed. It’s also a known psychological fact that seeing togetherness and a strong bond in the family is healthy for children emotionally and mentally. While you might think having their pictures on your phone gallery substitutes for this, it can never match up to that feeling when they walk into the house to see their pictures up there on the wall with the ones they love the most

2.      Family Photos are fun

You might have figured it out by now, this list is in order of favorites and not importance, and the fun side of family photos ranks next on my list. The whole process of taking family photos, right from booking family and holiday photo sessions down to hanging that framed-up memory on the wall, is enjoyable. Family photos do not just have to be fun when it’s someone’s birthday, a special event, or a ceremony, you can choose to get all formal the next time. Nowadays, you can easily get creative and fun with outstanding family portrait ideas in your family portraits. Pick out family costumes, dress codes, and beautiful locations like the West coast of Florida, Bradenton, Sarasota, Venice, and Lakewood Ranch. These are some of the best locations I have photographed fun-filled family photo sessions of all time.

3.      They Make Wonderful Interior décor

Family photos are more than just for show… literally. Ever dropped by to visit an old friend and see their passageway lined up with family portraits of all kinds from different years till you break into the main room, then you know what I’m talking about. Not only do they give insight into the bond and love everyone has for each other and how they have grown over the years, but they also give a warm homely feeling as you walk by and make you excited about the families who live in these homes and the beautiful memories they have shared. What’s more, they make for beautiful, eye-catching wall art! If you love once-in-a-lifetime, rare artworks that can be found nowhere else in the world except in your very own home, then you have a chance to create a stellar one with family photo ideas.

4.      Family Photos Can Become Generational Memories.

Family photographs can last for generations when done with suitable materials and by an experienced photographer like Sally Ullman Photography. One primary reason families and respected clients in Longboat Key, Siesta Key, Coquina Beach, and Turtle beach prioritized family photographs is that it helps capture lovely memories. When passed down through generations, it becomes easier to recognize each member and related to the family. However, this does not restrict family photographs to just celebrity families; everyone can have one done. Family photographs become family heirlooms that show and tell a story about the family to the younger ones and generations to come. They also help your family recognize distant relatives and extended family members when you share these photos.

5.      They Help Value the Good Times.

It’s effortless to be caught up in your everyday lives that we fail to recognize the ones close to us until they are gone or out of reach. If an illness occurs or you hear of a friend becoming ill, immediately you realize the importance of the family you may be taking for granted each day without even knowing. When memories are all you have, a family photo is your best bet at bringing back those good times. They are a connection to the past while remaining in the present. Distance makes the heart grow fonder; it could be a family member overseas, or a lost loved one. Whatever the case may be, a family photo helps remind you and every other member of the family how it felt with them around and how happy it made you, just like the smiles in that family portrait.

6.      They Help Create Memories

If you are looking for a great way to create family memories, it is with a family photograph. It’s a fact that families who have family photo ideas have a way of coming together when it is that time to create a family portrait better than the last. The process and activities create an avenue for memories to be made. So when they say a picture tells a thousand and one stories, it is true with a family portrait. Family members come together to pick fun outfits and great locations like Miami Ft or Lauderdale, FL, which would most likely include some shopping, traveling, family trips, and lots of beautiful memories.

7.      Family Photos Build a Family Bond.

If there is one thing most important to families, the bond ties them all together. Holiday photo sessions should not be the only time bonds are made stronger with fun times and fun moments. Family photos are a great way to bring everyone together from different parts of the world in one loving place and recreate fun times, fun moments and strengthen the family bond.


So here you have it! If you have been looking for a reason to get a family photo taken, here are six more to help make up your mind. Always remember that the beauty and quality of a family photo lie in the expertise of the photographer. Get a family photo taken with SallyUllmanPhotography!

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