By Sally Ullman Photography

Gone are the days when business cards were flat pieces of paper with contact details and a name. The more stylish ones came with brand colors and a logo. However, as the rest of the world accommodates new growing trends that change how we do things, even the professional world is not left out of this wave. Business cards have changed from boring plain designs to more exciting and defining, thanks to the introduction of the business card headshot. More experts are beginning to incorporate headshots into their business cards. It is a prevalent feature in industries whose professionals and experts require facial recognition.

Now here is the thing about adding headshots to your business cards. It is a great idea and can give very positive results. However, this is only when done right. Many people stand a high chance of missing out on the rules to include their professional photos on their business cards. It, in turn, harms their brand image exponentially. Your business card says a lot about you and what you offer. So, if you would like to milk the benefits of including your photo on a business card, you must get it right!


The First Rule of Business Card Headshot

Here is one rule that applies to all professionals in their respective industries. HAVE A PROFESSIONAL HEADSHOT. Not many experts understand how essential it is to have a good headshot until they need one to represent. Not having a good professional headshot leads to one of the most common mistakes people who add photos to business cards make.
They end up using a random image for their business card headshot. It will not end well, both for you and the brand. To make the most of this feature, you must have at least one sound business card headshot. To begin with, every professional should have one good headshot, whether this is for a business card, marketing materials, or their online profiles.



To help you through the process, there are a few things to consider and plan out when going in for your perfect business card headshot. Here is a guide by Sally Ullman Photography, a professional in this field, to help you know the dos and don’ts of a business card headshot.


The Dos and Don’ts of Business Card Headshots.


What to Do


Hire a professional photographer

No matter how great your selfie stick might be when planning to take a business card headshot, HIRE A PROFESSIONAL. When putting together the perfect photo, there are so many details to look into. It will serve as the face of your business. It can be adequately taken care of when you consult your photographer for a business card headshot. There is no need
to think much about the cost; they are very affordable and come out a ton better than you predicted. Moreso, professional photographers will give your business cards headshots of high resolution compared to what you will take with your phone. The high-resolution images will come with a bit of touch-up for even better results.



Consider the specialty

While you might hire a professional photographer, you might not get the best results if the photographer does not specialize in business card headshots. There are technicalities to the process, but not everyone gets it. Do well to hire one who specializes enough to help you through the process and give the best results.



Think about your Target

Audience You should appear on your business card just as you would at a client meeting. How you look on your business card says a lot about your professionalism. Remember that people get to meet your business card before they meet you in some cases. So, do well to ace that business card headshot in your best interest. Think well about your outfit, colors, and other things for a positive first impression. A consultation with Sally Ullman Photography is enough to help you through the process.


What Not to Do


Distracting Props

When taking a headshot for a business card, resist the urge to play extra on the accessories, clothing and even the background. All they need is to see you. Keep off distracting images at all costs and keep the focus on your face.


Insufficient lighting

When making professional photos like the business card headshot, lighting makes all the difference. If you have a specific location in mind, like inside the office, discuss this with your photographer to efficiently work on lighting options. Natural lighting works a lot better than flashes and overhead lights.



Hire a Professional Photographer for Your Business Card Headshot

Before your shoot, don’t forget to give your photographer some insight into what you’re all about and your specializations. This information will help them showcase your personality through your photos.


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