By Sally Ullman Photography

Nothing hits as good as a perfect headshot. Now we do not mean the sniper kind, lol. I mean a photo that sends across a message even words cannot portray. Everyone deserves to have one! However, not everyone knows how to get one. Here’s the thing; there are a ton of reasons why you might need a headshot. It could range from attracting new clients to building your online portfolio. It could even be for a published article or featuring in a magazine. Whatever it is, we cannot deny the fact that a good headshot sends across a great first impression.



So yeah, you might have opted for a headshot or maybe are still contemplating it. Perhaps you can’t find the right person for the job (PS: Sally Ullman can make your first headshot the perfect one! All you have to do is book a session)

Either side you fall on, it’s best to hint you on something you might not realize, but taking the perfect headshot is much more complex than walking into a photo session. However, it could be as easy as holding a selfie stick up for a good selfie with the right tips, except it’s even better!

To help you through the process, there are a few things to consider and plan out when going in for your perfect headshot. Here is a guide by Sally Ullman Photography, a professional in this field, to help you get the best results from your headshot.

Five Things to Put in Place for The Perfect Headshot

Align Your Body and Mind

If you have had a conversation with a few good photographers, you might have heard of situations like this and how it ruins a good shoot. You might not know it, but your physical presence is not the only thing needed for a perfect headshot. Your mind needs to be in the game as well. So before going in for a shoot session, you should take time to align your mind and body.

A great way to do this would be by meditating right before your session. Envision what you want to achieve with the shoot and get into character. Aside from a stunning photo, when your body and mind are aligned, you are naturally in those poses everyone can’t stop talking about. That’s how you make a statement with a perfect headshot that has your body and mind in it.


Decide On What You Will Be Wearing

To some people, since headshots do not precisely how much of the clothes, they tend to consider it as secondary on the list of critical things. However, when done right, your clothes might be your perfect headshot cake icing. It would be best to think closely about what you will be wearing for a shoot. If you are blank on that, you can reach out to a professional like Sally Ullman to help you pick out the right outfits.

Avoid dark-colored clothes and play around with colors, though not too much. It adds a tone of vibrance and personality to your headshot. Since it’s not a fashion shoot nor a product shoot, try to play nice on the accessories. Nothing too shiny so as not to take the focus off you. This will be discussed during your FREE consultation session.

Add a Bit of Touch Up

No matter who you are and what you are taking the headshots for, A bit of touch-up here and there never hurts anyone. It is highly recommended for a photo session. It does not need to be excessive or bridal-level makeup. Just something that evens your tone and brings out that shine. It also makes work a lot easier for the photographer.

However, you should play softly with colors. Your outfit and your hair accessories largely determine how your makeup goes. If you have an ideal image in mind, do well to discuss that in the FREE CONSULTATION session so your photographer can help bring out the magic. To be safe, let a professional do your hair and makeup, especially one who does touch-ups for shots such as yours. With this in place, very little can stop you from having the perfect headshot.


Pay Attention to the Background

Your professional photographer knows well enough about the importance of this tip. However, you need to be on the same side to make things run smoothly. Run the ideal image you have in your head from step 1 through your photographer. Choose a background that works perfectly with that image. While some headshots require specific backgrounds, others might work well with simple, classy looks.

I have spent a lot of time researching and finding locations representing professional work environments. This will be discussed during your FREE consultation session.


Self-Expression Matters for the Perfect Headshot

While you might have an ideal image set in your mind for the photo session, your self-expression during the shoot can change the entire image. To a large extent, your body language determines what message your photo sends across. You don’t need to be overly serious, nor do you have to be too relaxed. Not to worry, with a consultation session, you can get it just right!


Get the Perfect Headshot with Sally Ullman Photography

This might seem like a lot to remember, but by being aware of these aspects, preparing for your headshot session, and allowing your photographer to guide you, you can look forward to headshots you can be proud of.

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