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Do you have an active LinkedIn account? If you don’t have one, here is a call to action that you need to create one. There are tons of opportunities that connect you to your target market, and one of those spaces is with a LinkedIn account. It is a platform that allows you to create a digital presence in your professional space for yourself. However, no matter how good the algorithm might be on LinkedIn if you do not know how to represent yourself on the platform, it is as good as wasted effort. If you have one, you should think about optimizing your LinkedIn banner.

One way to effectively represent yourself in the space is via a LinkedIn banner. It is a background image that resonates with your brand, is pleasing to the eye, and sends a  message. It might seem minor to you, but it can make a difference in how your target audience sees and engages with you when used to the fullest.

It would be best to get your LinkedIn banner adequately optimized to make the most use of the space. Right before the text, photos send a faster, more explicit message at first glance. So, it would be best if you took your time inadequately optimizing your LinkedIn banner.

To help you through the process, here are a few tips to keep in mind when optimizing your LinkedIn banner by Sally Ullman Photography, a professional in this field, to help you get the best.


Five tips to try out when optimizing your LinkedIn banner By Sally Ullman Photography

Work on Branding

Working around your branding is one of the most effective ways to go when looking out for ideas on adequately optimizing your LinkedIn banner. This entails adding a bit of customized and personalized details and information to your LinkedIn banner photo. You could start with your brand colors. Ensure that there is a good blend that would make your profile more pleasing to the eye of visitors. You can also add your brand logo to personalize the image and brand it up. It makes your profile more streamlined and attractive; it adds a professional look to your profile, making it even better optimized to fit your goals on the platform.

Adding your logo and brand colors makes it easier for your target audience to register your brand
in their minds which works well for conversions. You can also subtly add contact details. That means it should not be too “in your face”. It’s just enough to make it much easier when your audience wants to contact you.

Add in a favorite

To put it plainly, LinkedIn is a platform that fosters building connections with people worldwide. If you would like to key into this opportunity, we recommend adding a few of your favorites. It could be a personal interest, passion, or hobby that you love to do. While it is primarily a business platform, there’s no need to be overly formal when optimizing your LinkedIn banner.
There’s no rule against featuring yourself on the banner. Switch things up from the usual plain image or random downloaded royalty-free images. Add in a photo of yourself engaging one of your many interests, especially one that aligns with a section of your profile. It makes it easier to connect on a better level with people worldwide. You never know who shares the same interest with you on the space. On the other hand, some may like your photo, which is even better.

Take Up the Marketing

When you get on to LinkedIn for the first time, it might seem too straightforward. Companies, brands and businesses all share updates and news about the current changes in their field or industry. People restrict such types of content to the feed. However, you can bring a bit of the update to your profile. Add in photos of your products and services when optimizing your
LinkedIn page. If you plan to do this, you would need the help of a professional photographer that covers products and service shoots. To get the best side of LinkedIn, you need to put in your best side, and low-quality images just won’t cut it. Even if you would hire a designer to work up something cool for you, they still need a brand image and a quality one. When optimizing your LinkedIn banner, you need quality photography services.

Try a Promotional when Optimizing your LinkedIn Banner

Here’s another innovative way to push your brand out there. If you have an event planned out and, on the way, or would be launching a new product or service, try featuring it on your LinkedIn banner. In this way, people see the latest update faster. Remember, quality photos are needed alongside a clear CTA for the best results.

Get on the Motivation Train

If there is one hack to getting consistent visitors to check out your profile, here it is, and you should make the most use of it. You can feature inspirational and motivational quotes as content on your LinkedIn banner and lock in a consistent amount of profile/page visitors. You can always utilize Canva for this purpose once you have basic design skills. However, do well to
streamline the content to fit your brand image.

Optimizing your LinkedIn Banner is a Good Way to Boost your Profile/Page

If you use LinkedIn to build and grow your network and find potential customers, don’t let your banner image go to waste.

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