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You think you know so much about yourself until you have to write it. Many people find it easy to give a brief description of themselves. However, when writing a professional bio, they hit a writers block midway. While the character limit does add a bit of tension to the process, it is not that hard when you know the tips and tricks to do it right! What to include in your about me section can be just as impressive as it is professional with a splice of personality to it. So, if you are wondering, how do you write a badass bio? This is for you.


ADD PHOTOS! That is The Simplest and Most Effective Way to Get Noticed!

Do you know what speaks louder than your qualification and expertise? Your photograph. You can learn a lot about a person just by looking at a good picture of them sitting steadily next to their professional bio. When people come across your about me section, they want to get to know you. It could either be for professional reasons or just plain interest.

While putting on your creative hat to write that amazing professional bio, you might want to make it a stylish one. That way, you can pop right in for good photography to complement your professional bio. Sally Ullman Photography is experienced in helping you through this part of creating the perfect professional bio. This photo while helping identify you as a professional for the job you are applying for should also be interesting, Interest can be added by a reflective pose, or an appropriate background perhaps matched to the type of job you are applying for.




Examples are – use of a studio headshot for an office job, an exterior photo of you in an environment like a forest for an environmental job, a busy city behind your headshot for a city planning job- get the picture? Once you have gotten past the vital detail like a good image, it is time to get into the minor ones hidden behind a professional bio. So how do you write a bio that stands out? Sally Ullman Photography brings you ten helpful ways to write an amazing professional bio.



Top 10 Ways to Get More Creative with Your Professional Bio.

Leverage Childhood Memories

When putting together a professional bio, remember that it is all about you! Think back to your childhood days and how they played a role in who you are today. A lovely nurse who cared for you while you were younger might have influenced your love for the health industry. So, feel free to add a few personal touches with childhood memories that played a part in what you do today. TELL a story-add a photo!

Dream Jobs Add Personality

Not everyone has a dream job. Some people go with the flow. So if you happen to have one, it is an excellent chance to flaunt it. What better place to put up your ambitions than on your professional bio. It says a lot more about you and how it relates to you in a few simple words. People have gotten used to the mechanical-type bios. If you want to make a real difference with yours, put in a touch of personality and vibrance. If you're going to knock the socks when you write a top-notch professional bio, a little input about your dream job will help. You can also further link it to what you do now to put it in perspective. It brings them closer to who they are trying to know better. This gives them relatable subjects as they get to know you!

A Professional Bio Is Better with Accomplishments

Here is one more way to set your professional bio asides from the usual ones. Spice it up with your accomplishments. This is the one thing you can’t get from bio templates on the internet. By adding achievements that you are most proud of, especially in a category you are putting yourself out for, you make a perfect and amazing bio. Amazing because no other bio can ever fit in perfectly and ideally because your bio is not uniquely suited to you and you alone. Awards and recognitions; accomplishments not only add perspective but personality as well.

Are you Talented? Flaunt It!

Your bio is one of the expressive places you can flaunt a talent of yours. Something you are especially good at would sit in perfectly with a brief description of you. It could be something related to your profession, and it could be completely unrelated. Not to worry, little personal touches work well enough. Just ensure that it sets a good image for your brand, whatever it is. People love to look at photographs!


Throw in a Story

We don't mean you tell just any story; you have to be intelligent and intentional about what you say. Nothing too long or excessively emotional. Don't be mechanical about it, be free. You can throw in a life lesson and support it with a motivation that says, "I might be good at this now, but I have made my fair share of mistakes.

Sometimes, Unusual is the New Amazing

Whether it's for work or some other reason, people like to deal with comfortably people they can relate to. You lose your chance to leverage this when you make your bio a tad too professional. You do not know that this little detail effortlessly answers the common interview question, ¿what do you have to offer that other cannot?; Not only do you sell the best image of yourself, but you also set yourself apart from others in your field with an unusually impressive professional bio.

A Secret Hobby?

Beyond selling an image of yourself in your bio, you want to send a message that says, "Hey, I'm not a  robot." With a bio like that, the only one who will be missing it would be reCAPTCHA, lol. Throw in a hobby, a personal fun tradition, and a bit of detail into your quirks. To top it all, throw in a photo of you with our favorite!

An Animal Lover?

How well do you love pets? We do surely hope it's enough to feature them on your bio. It could make the difference between a bland one and a good one. Need I say pictures, please!


Who Forgets High School?

Here is a secret to using one space to lock in another. A few insights into the high school years would help add a fun twist to te bio. We do not mind a picture to mix things up as well.

A Few Personal Touches Make an Amazing Professional Bio

Your bio does not need to include all this information, but adding a few personal touches to your copy can make a big difference to the kind of response you receive. Don't forget the pictures. Nothing describes you as much as an image of yourself, and Sally Ullman Photography is here to help with just that!


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