by Sally Ullman

Spring in the air brings the freshness we all crave.  Rebirth, rejuvenation, and the vibrant colors that bring everything and everyone “back to life”.  This month’s blog reminds you of the importance of family photography but perhaps from a very selective viewpoint, remembering to include Mom’s and Dad’s in Pictures.

Take a look at the last 100 photographs you took on your camera for example, or what you post on Facebook.  Are you in the pictures with the kids, or is the entire family ever together in a “formal” family picture…sound familiar?

This exact scenario may be the very reason why you need me, and the professional guidance I provide as a professional photographer who loves what they do; but set me aside for a minute (and only a minute, ha ha) and understand that you, Mom’s and Dad’s, must have a presence in the photographs so that your family will cherish and have them as part of your portrait history in the years to come.

A recent headline from the HuffPost parents section quoted Allison Tate in a blog post, “I avoid photographic evidence of my existence these days.”

NBC posted a video on which told a story of a mother who realized she didn’t appear in most of the pictures taken of her children.

These examples and true stories remind me of what I have always said, and even “preached”  to my clients, “Please, always put yourself in a picture with your children, and allow me to add you to what we already planned  for the portrait session”.  A photograph doesn’t always have to be “worthy” of printing, but the memory will remain for your children.

We often forget that it’s not just about how we “feel” about being recorded in a photograph, but how those around us may react when there is no photographic history of their family history.  It is through our children that our legacy will live on and essentially it is their right to passage with your history too.

You may have read my blog article where I shared how important it was to me and in a sense, validation for what I do when I discovered the old photo box in the corner of my mother’s closet as I was cleaning out her things after her passing.  This discovery of old photo’s and family history through the years helped provide me a sense of closure and even brought back found memories that may have been forgotten forever if I had not seen these photo’s and been reminded of these various events, that happened prior to me even being born! This is who my parents were, and a part of how I came to be.

This discovery allowed me to get to know my parents, enjoy their style, and even their hobbies.  I studied these photographs, looking carefully to expose the parts of their faces that I could exchange with parts of mine. This remains important to me, their child. Perhaps it was not important to them at that time but looking back, I am thankful this history is there for me to enjoy.

This will be important to your children too. Their world is digital, and fast-paced.  Take the time to ensure you are capturing not only their special moments, but your special moments TOGETHER, as a FAMILY.  So please post pictures of yourself enjoying their birthday parties, a snowball fight, or  jumping through the waves in the ocean while on vacation.

No matter how you perceive yourself, when your children grow up, they will love seeing you, for who you are, with them.  With Mother’s day just around the corner, and Father’s day here before you know it, take the time to schedule your family portrait, or even a special session with all the women of the family, men in the family, mother / daughter(s) and  even father / son(s).

We never know what tomorrow may bring, so take advantage of today and schedule your appointment to capture these treasured times!

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