The Season is upon us and although many of us dread these cold, snowy days, we shouldn’t let the frigid temperatures deflect the natural beauty that the season brings.

Winter offers a variety of photographic opportunities that are unique and completely different from the rest of the seasons. There are many distinctive designs available from newly fallen snow and/or frozen water. In this weeks blog post, I share how you can recognize these winter opportunities based on what type of winter day it is. Maybe it is a sunny day and the reflection off the snow is very bright , or what was once frozen is now melting.

The biggest challenge the winter season brings is the temperature, which often keeps us inside and not motivated to attempt outdoor photography or consider hiring a professional for the family portrait.  The reality is, Winter is the PERFECT TIME to gather the family well things have settled down a bit and update your professional portrait. 

Does your family participate in any winter sports/ do you like to ski or ice skate? How about just taking a walk in the snow? Or perhaps your backyard is beautiful and has just been blessed with fresh snow.  

We often forget to take-in and truly see the beauty of the season…as the trees and sky take on a grey look.  I challenge you to open your mind and engage a number of photographic possibilities this season represents.  For many of us, family activities have slowed down, and you may have more time to be together as a family.   Take it outside!

1)  Do you have a fireplace? Indoor or out? How about a spot in the yard where you have bonfires and/or campfires? These areas offer great opportunities to experience the warmth of winter and gather the family and pets around.  Ignite a warm, cozy setting to gather the Family around and snap away!  You will be one step ahead for producing next years Holiday card!

2) Consider photographing the family throughout the seasons, START NOW.  If you are interested in hiring a professional to keep you on track, consider one of my family portrait packages for your family, that schedules your portraits out throughout the year (4 seasons).  Upon completion of the series, a beautiful, timeless, collage is made of the photos for you!

These are just some ideas to consider for photographing this season!