One popular location for capturing a special moment in photography is the beach. Visitors and locals alike are attracted to Sarasota beaches, especially Siesta Key, for their beautiful sunsets and iconic white sand.

Here are tips for taking your best beach photo, these can apply to a photo shoot but also a casual day on the beach capturing candid moments.

  • Be Prepared: a beach trip should include preparations, like having sunscreen and plenty of water. If you plan to be taking photos, you may also need a smaller towel you to wipe your face or a change of clothes to take a different shots. Plan what time of day will give you the best light. In Sarasota it is hard to resist those sunsets!
  • Use the Horizon: the angle of the horizon can make a good or bad beach photo. Try to keep an eye on the horizon as a point of reference. If you have a professional photographer, you don’t have to worry.
  • Have Fun: Whether you are taking your own shots of the kids playing in the water, or having your engagement photos set against one of America’s most beautiful beach, you should be having fun!

If you want to capture a beautiful family moment with a true Sarasota feel, the beach is the place for you. Having a local Sarasota Photographer will help ensure a memento that you will cherish for years.

When it comes to capturing the good times: it is not expensive, it’s priceless. If you are ready to capture the perfect moment on the beach, call me, Sally Ullman. 941-301-8926