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STOP – take a deep breath – and breathe.  Discover and find this moment of peace in your forever spinning head from the stresses of your daily responsibilities. 
There…that wasn’t terribly hard!  If you allow yourself, better yet, MAKE YOURSELF do this on a regular basis, you will be rewarded with a
fresh eye for the beauty that surrounds you.
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Whether it is your children, your pets, your spouse, grandparents, trees, sky, whatever matters to you and your soul; it is with this appreciation that will bring you full circle to the connection we must make to create treasurable memories of our families, pets, extended family on a regular basis.

These “things” that we so easily identify with, get comfortable with, and love with are the essence of our lives and yet so easy for us to set aside.

I challenge you to make the time and
schedule your next portrait session just for this very reason!

FAMILY.  Your aging parents or even the baby you are about to have are all significant reasons to reflect on the importance of RECONNECTING WITH YOU R SURROUNDINGS.

Maybe you have a relative or friend that is about to celebrate a special event, birthday, anniversary – think of how unique and thoughtful a photography gift certificate would be (of any dollar amount)! What a kind gesture illustrating just how much you care about the relationship you have with them.  The gift of photography is priceless, and reminds them that this is an important milestone in their life.

This week marks my 31st wedding anniversary.  This year brought me and my Family some major changes with our expansion to Sarasota.  The birth of my first grandchild, my children both adults now, settling into their jobs and new homes, and now the anticipation of my second grandchild this October!

All very special, and momentous. Each marked with photographs, (which makes me think, maybe I should take a few more!!)

caleb and beach

Reflecting on these memories is priceless; their importance remarkable in all our lives, regardless of the subjects’ diversity.

Perhaps it’s my age, or even my “new” circumstance, but mostly I believe it’s my found appreciation of the world we live in.  Its beauty – the simplicity of its objects are often forgotten which matter the most.

caleb and shell
photographic essay of your family help you!

This trip to the Lehigh Valley includes a portrait package with your
pre-paid photo shoot if booked by September 16th!

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