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The Do’s and Don’ts of MLS Photography
by Sally Ullman

We have all seen the beautiful homes in magazines like Architectural Digest. Here in Sarasota, there
are many homes that are exceptionally beautiful and could grace the cover of any magazine.
My article will focus on the average homes; the ones that you, as agents take pictures of instead of hiring a professional photographer. This article is excerpted from my PowerPoint presentation of the same title which shows examples and a more in depth explanation from a teaching perspective.

In this overview of my presentation on the Do’s and Dont’s of Real Estate Photography,
I talk about the following subjects:

1. Advertising of homes, you need to create an “ad when you photograph a home.cover 1 cover2
I explain how to do this and why it’s important.

2. The acceptable and unacceptable changes that can be made to a home. You as an agent have a legal responsibility to represent a home in an accurate way. Learn some of the acceptable and unacceptable changes you can make in photograph.

Here are a few examples of changes:
Acceptable– enhancing grass, sky, water and lighting -turn them all on!
Unacceptable– removal of neighbors homes, poles or changing something with permanence.

3. The Agent vs the Professional approach to photography.
Is photography your area of expertise? Do you have time to photograph the home
and can you work at the correct time of the day for optimal photography and balance
different types of lighting?

Here are some of the things a professional takes into consideration every time they enter a room.      

Real Estate Photography

Better MLS Photography Sarasota,Florida 

Observe the most flattering angle of each room, hold the camera straight not to create
diverging lines, use a tripod , alternative angles, lighting and always use sharp focus.
Photographers apply technique, angles and lighting. Consider the advantage to hiring
a professional or seek the knowledge to learn about the professional perspective.

4. Solutions to common problems:

The room is too dark, too shabby, too small or has an ugly view.
Homes also benefit from staging /interior designer input.

real estate too light etc



Because this was a brief summary of these topics, feel free to contact me for a more in depth presentation to your office or a personal 1 to 1 training session.

Sally Ullman speaks to real estate associations and individual offices to share her knowledge of exceptional photography. She is available for hire as for office head shots, photographing properties for resale and for creating photographic branding for offices and their websites.

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Sally Ullman

Sally Ullman

Sally Ullman is a local professional photographer. Her 30 + years experience as a photojournalist and studio photographer have provided valuable experience that she shares by speaking to groups on various topics about the use of excellent photography in business. She is also specializes in portrait, event and real estate photography. Contact her at 941- 301-8926 or her website: