Photography Cd’s

Photography Cd’s

Does your photo CD create Memories?

This blog discusses Photography Cd’s and why you should not save all of your photographic memories this way.

Did you notice how every time you walk by your photo CD/display (electronic photo frame, scrolling images on your computer screensaver, cell phone, or any other device that is holding pictures for you), it brings a smile to your face?

Did you notice how the photo CD is framed to coordinate with your interior and enhance the setting that the photos were taken in?

These facts alone might make you aware and take notice of how important images and memories are, and how quickly they can be pushed to a drawer or filing cabinet.

Is this the way you want photographic memories to be remembered?

Fact is most of us are operating in this manner with our photos. It is one of the many contributing factors as to why professional photography is being minimized, all the while we are comparing our images to be worthy of replacing a professional session.

Fast portrait studios such as Sears and Walmart are going out of business.   Many factors play a part in these happenings however in my opinion, profitability remains the primary reason.  The lack of experience with these “employees” portrays in the pictures they take, leaving a lack-luster picture with no real memory of the moment.  This lack of quality and service leaves customers with no motivation or need to keep coming back for more.

This inexpensive, fast chain approach to photography has not met the needs of their customers and they are feeling the effect.  Is service and quality back in vogue?

Hire  a Professional Photographer!

When answering a call inquiring about a photo session, I ask a series of questions.  I make this inquiry because I want to give each client the best service I can.  I want every person to understand the importance of the photography I am about to design and create for them.  It is my goal to make everyone I photograph feel important and understand that I will service their portrait session beyond the initial meeting.  Their overall experience along with the end result, the photograph(s) will make them smile.  I do NOT just hand them a CD and walk away.

When my clients are finished with their sessions, they will have beautiful prints and/or images in front of them, to walk past in their homes or offices which is what will make them SMILE!

Next time you walk by a framed portrait of you, your family, children, or grandchildren, take a moment and embrace that feeling that the memory itself made you smile.  Service, caring, creativity and experience ALL play a role in this memory.

Remember, a professional photograph is something you will enjoy displaying  forever!

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Sally Ullman

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