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The Importance of hiring  a professional

Photographing events is very important because an event cannot repeated another time.  Most events are one time occurrences that  are celebrating a once in a lifetime situation. If something goes wrong with your photography at an event you are covering, you have ruined the chance to create memories for  this important situation, for your family or client.  You have to be prepared and able to anticipate many different scenarios to be successful and  relaxed while shooting the event.

I have over 35 years experience  photographing events and all types of photography situations, so my confidence level is high. nevertheless, my preparation remains precise and  critical to my success so that I maintain a relaxed approach to the event I am photographing. You can rely on  a prepared professional to not let you down.

Be prepared

Regardless if you are a professional photographer or an amateur  there are standards  for being successful that apply to anyone  photographing an event. I often photograph events; weddings, award ceremonies, parties among  many other types.  When I do I have to consider many factors to be sure I guarantee results for a one time event that can not be repeated.

First, inspect your equipment on a regular basis.  Prepare for all lighting situations and think them thorough in advance. Invest in equipment and backup  parts such as extra batteries and any cords or wiring you require. Have all extra batteries( if needed for your type of camera or flash) charged and backups ready. Anticipate weather changes and lighting conditions so that when they occur  you are not ill-prepared.

Hiring a professional photographer for special events insures your memories of special events will be guaranteed  good results.

Vary your style

Enjoy the event!

Often  the hired professional photographer looks stressed at the event and that alone sets a bad impression for the guests.  If you are prepared as a professional , you should be enjoying the event. Your positive approach will engage the guests and your photographs will show that in the results . Your goal is to be an asset to the event not a deterrent. So be pleasant, and stay out of the way of the flow of the event. You are there to record it not interfere with it.

Vary your style and approach to the photographs by changing perspective, angles and lighting.  Maybe you will shoot from a stairway or ladder and other times from a floor level.  Sometimes you use flash, other times natural light and possibly slow shutters to record movement if this accentuates the subject.  Interchange closeups and distant shots to give the entire event a photojournalist approach. In this way, you are recording the story of the event.

Be sure to check with whomever is in charge in advance so you know who is to be included in photos and make sure you follow them and show these people in many photos and situations.  Utilize both posed and candid styles and suggest breaking  large crowds into smaller groups.  Do not have everything look the same.

 Editing the event

After the event is over, consider adding special effects  to some of your pictures. Create collages, change some of the photos to black and white or other tones, add text to some of the photos, vignettes and overlapping images. Also eliminate background  distractions even from the edit that goes to the customer.  For example, things like  people in the background at the beach or exit signs in the way of  the couple at a party at a hotel.  There are many examples of the problems that occur when these things are not thought out in advance.  If you are not skilled at any of these suggestions, consider expanding your knowledge of different techniques that can be applied to shots.

In conclusion of photographing events, the main idea to emphasize the importance of preparation !

Hire a professional and get professional results for your event photography!


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