One memory at a time! While summer is here and your children or extended family may  have more free time, utilize each get together to create one memory at a time! It does not have to be a spectacular event- Maybe you will title your collage of pics The Summer of 2014- One Memory at a time!

My Special Event- A memory in the making!

Recently I had the good fortune of being the recipient of a great family surprise. Little did I know that all of my family would fly here to celebrate my birthday – each day – one group at a time- someone arrived! Needless to say I was shocked, overwhelmed and grateful, just to name a few emotions ! I took many photos of this reunion whether on my cell phone or with my professional camera. Now how to make use of them to share and remember.

Family Photography Sarasota

Family reunion- One memory at a time!


The results are priceless memories made – one at a time! Put all these memories together and you have a collage or a book or a wall framed memory to appreciate forever. Too many memories are left on your cell phone or not recorded at all. We all know how easy our cell phones make a “quick pic” become a memory, but too often we never use these photos.

Collage from memories one at a time!

Getting help to make your own memories!

Let me encourage you to enlist a professional photographer such as myself to help create a collage,wall print or album of these memories of “one at a time moments” if you can’t get yourself to take them off the phone at all. If you DO take them off your phone yourself, consider creating a digital slideshow to display on your kitchen counter just as an example. Enjoy the collages I am sharing of these moments that just occurred for me! Surprising the “you know what out of me” for my birthday yielded priceless memories one at a time ! Enjoy!

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