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Mom” to be” and Dad sharing a touching moment in the 8th month of pregnancy. Sally Ullman Photography

Every since I became a mother, my attention turned toward the beauty of maternity photography. I now had the insight to create beautiful moments  about this experience  for other mothers because I was now in love with babies and the entire process of watching my body change!

However cliche it may be – the creation of life and the transformation of the woman’s body is amazing. Photographing a pregnant women is amazing as well. Here is Sarasota, Florida, I have the luxury of the Gulf of Mexico as one of my backdrops for maternity photography. I also have a studio.  In the privacy of the studio, women can feel totally comfortable with a female photographer understanding the concerns with partial nudity should they choose this an an option.

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Along the beautiful Gulf of Mexico

I utilize many different backgrounds options and poses with the mother either nude or with drapes to achieve capturing this special time during pregnancy. Often the dad is involved and other siblings.  I encourage  moms to bring special items along to the shoot, like wedding veils, baby blankets, or maybe their husbands shirts. We always discuss the possibilities before a shoot so everyone is prepared.  Many women want nothing in the shoot at all , so if they are nude, my poses are always artfully created and private. I often work in black and white with dramatic lighting to create a “masterpiece” so to speak of the women s body.  These shoots are incredibly beautiful.


Dramatic lighting in the studio creates a masterpiece

      Maternity Suggestions


Movement therapy with aerial fabric

Let me share a story about a dancer and how we selected the proper style of the shoot for her. We thought about  having her suspended from the aerial  fabrics she works with while teaching aerial workshops in movement as part of her profession.

In the end the simplistic photo of her and one of her sheer drapes she uses in Ariel  movement was wrapped around her.

Another women brought  her wedding veil and the veil was strategically placed around her nude body.

I have had women lay in a bed of flower pedals or baby blankets.

Whatever you choose for your special maternity shoot, just making the maternity photography  happen is what matters most.

Please allow me to assist you in creating this lasting memory – your maternity portrait.


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Sally Ullman

Sally Ullman is a professional photographer in the Sarasota/Manatee area of southwest Florida. She gives free consultations by phone or in person to assist you in your photographic decisions.

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