Flying frequently and driving 900 miles in 13 hours seems normal now with our transition complete to Sarasota, Florida.  We make this journey because we understand the importance of visiting our family and friends after moving far away from our old home in Pennsylvania.  The subject of this blog focuses on Family but is written from a personal perspective on how one year can bring a world of change!

EVERY YEAR brings many changes FOR EVERYONE;  it’s how we adjust to the impact of these changes that makes all the difference.

I would like to share with you what my husband, myself and our two dogs adjusted to this year:

  • We downsized our living space and moved 1,000 miles south
  • We moved from 4 seasons to the consistent weather of beautiful sunny Sarasota Florida
Palm Trees - Sarasota Florida

Beautiful Beach with Palm Trees in Sarasota, Florida

Ringling Museum

6000 sq ft, 3 floors, and an indoor / outdoor studio for my business along with a bus commute for my husband to NYC changed to 2500 sq ft, 1 floor, with my outdoor studio becoming the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, Clients homes, and/or the gorgeous Ringling Museum grounds and Selby gardens!

A glimpse in to the Shelby Gardens

A glimpse in to the Selby Gardens

My husband now works from home and within an hour’s drive to the airport for the occasional flight to NYC.  Amazingly, airfare (which is typically twice/month) is almost the cost to travel daily on a bus!  Our offices are setup comfortably in our homes and I often use one of our offices as an impromptu portrait studio.

Observing nature changed also:

  • Evergreen and birch trees transformed to banyan and palm trees
Banyan Trees in Sarasota, Florida

Banyan Trees in Sarasota, Florida

  • Rather than deer running through our yard we see armadillos and turtles passing by

Armadillo - SarasotaSea Turtle - Sarasota





  • Visiting the beach on the Jersey shore once a year changed to visiting the beach on Siesta key every week with stingrays swimming by as we collect beautiful shells from the warm gulf waters.
Siesta Key Beach at Sunset

Siesta Key Beach at Sunset

  • Rather than exercising at the gym inside several days a week, we now enjoy walking outside and incorporate biking and/or swimming almost every day!

Our change was a conscious change to Sarasota and obviously a happy one. Our adult children underwent many changes as well with one of our children moving from Florida to Virginia Beach while adding another grandchild to our Family! A beautiful little boy named Jacob.  Our Son commutes from NYC to Boston frequently.

Family Holiday Photography

Our Grandson Jacob

Our Grandson Jacob

When we reflect on all we accomplished in one year it seems impossible to consider all that could happen in such a short period of time. Since this is true for all of us, let’s gives thanks for our families and how important it is to find time to be TOGETHER, no matter how many miles we must travel.

From my Family to yours, wishing you a very safe, and joyous Holiday Season this year!

Our Grandson Caleb

Our Grandson Caleb

tears jacob_edited-1

Our youngest Grandson Jacob