When you consider hiring a professional photographer, such as myself, there are questions to consider that will make the experience successful. From my viewpoint, I need to ask questions of my potential clients to make the photography more successful and accurate for them. That is what I will clarify in this blog;  What people can expect from a free consultation with Sally Ullman Photography.

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Why the Professional?

Before I start explaining the actual FREE PHOTOGRAPHY consultation, let me share a few reasons why picking a photographer that has experience will be valuable to you even if the cost is greater. The old saying goes”you get what you pay for.” While this can apply to almost everything, in photography it matters if you want an image that will be remarkable and a photo shoot that will not waste your time. Focus on your ultimate goal when choosing the photographer with whom you want to work.

Legacy PortraitsInterview Consultation procedure:

First we establish contact and the interview always is more beneficial in person. If you can meet with me that would be best. Expect to invest at least 30 minutes to1 hour for this discovery session. If not in person then by phone. Here are some suggestions for what you need to be prepared to know and be ready to communicate your answers.

1. Set the goal of the photograph; is this for business or for personal use.

2. Does it need to tell a story or capture a moment.

3. Will you require makeup or styling of any type.

4. Will we produce a series of photographs or just 1 pose or situation

5. Who will be looking at the photograph after its complete; is it personal or is there an audience you need to reach

6. When will you photograph again? Every year? Or is it once and done.

7. Where will the photograph be created. Location, environmental, studio, home, business, etc

8. Are you willing to be available when the light is best if outside? Or do I have to work when you are available and disregard the optimal light.

9. Clothing- this becomes detailed down to your shoes and the message clothing or no clothing sends.

10. Style of the photograph- candid, posed, photo journalistic, animated/action.

11. Finish of final product; canvas, paper,metallic.

12. Final product- Cd/files/collage/framed/book/album.

Business  phootgrpahy, social media photography, head_shots Suggestions from Sally Ullman Photography:

After the above is discussed, I make suggestions about how we accomplish the important goal(s) you set. While some of the above may seem obvious, I can share that more than 60% of everyone I ever interviewed does not think of many of the questions listed above at all.Filmstrip - Baby Pregnancy

Preparation is the key to a successful photograph and experience is what gives me the awareness of the importance of these details.

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