The bond between a parent and a child can produce incredible memorable images.  A Holiday helps remind us of this special connection that is often taken for granted.

June brings many things – graduations, picnics, summer vacations, and the celebration of Father’s day.

In many families, Fathers, Grandfathers, Great grandfathers provide strength, humor, and knowledge to carry out our legacy.  Moms / kids, take a moment and give thought how to honor these gentleman that mean so much.  As you continue to read this week’s blog, reflect on the possibilities of savoring these moments with the list of ideas below.

We all enjoy watching a parent play with a child, how the connection of pure joy is shared. Capturing the love between a grandparent and grandchild is one of the most precious moments a parent can capture.  The reflection of pride as a grandparent sees the legacy of their family continue on is a feeling one cannot often match.

Every gift is thoughtful and appreciated at that moment, however a gift of photography is timeless and treasured forever.  A unique gift that captures moments is even better!  If you create the gift yourself, or put yourself in the gift with a photograph, results in a memorable gift like no other!

Regardless of economic conditions, expensive gifts don’t impress most people and expire with time. Dad’s don’t need another tie in their closet or tool in their garages.  Most may even like to purchase those types of gifts themselves, so let’s use our imagination and give Dad a gift he may not think of buying himself – a portrait session with his family, his pride – his joy – his legacy!

Include the entire family, just the children with Dad, and/or the family pet.  Incorporate Dad doing his favorite hobby, dad wearing his favorite sports team jersey, or simply – just with you … the scenarios are endless.  These are all memorable moments, so consider a portrait session and I’ll make it easy for you to accomplish this.

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