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I love photographing children and my love for this all started after the birth of my children. I realized  how important recording the special moments in a child’s life are and by doing this I was  creating a  family legacy with these photographs taken year after year.  Each year something remarkable was evolving. Watching  the kids grow through pictures was and still is  a special part of our lives.

Placing a collection of these yearly photographs became a tradition in our home. We devoted an entire wall to the photographs and enjoyed looking at the children’s photographs as they grew each year. Sometimes I would see the kids  open the door to that room and look at the pictures as though they needed to know they were still there!  Looking at the wall of photos brought back  great memories  for each one of the children and  each one of the photographs told a story. Remember that sweater ?  Remember how much they loved each other; only to jump a few years ahead to see how much the next year they couldn’t even have their picture taken together! Too many differences had come between the children that 1 year! This is laughable now  but finding that specific moment of that year was a significant.

Preparing for the annual Children Photography shoot

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When it was time to take the annual photograph, I tried to let them wear what they wanted so that each year became about what was important to them. Sometimes it was a matching sweater , other times  it was about sports or pets.  Now, looking back over a collection of almost 30 years  you can also see how historical the clothing was as well as  the emotional the photographs display.

There is no right or wrong time to take the children’s photographs,  just make sure you do this  every year.  I encourage people to  hire a professional at least once  a year  so this becomes tradition in your family too. It is what creates the family portrait legacy for each family which you will enjoy in the future.  The special photograph is what you save and give your children as you prepare to move when downsizing your house. It may even be the one most outstanding moment of that particular year!  How can you save hundreds of photographs? (there are ways)  but in that moment of deciding what to save; there is clarity when you know you  have that 1 special moment from each year at your fingertips!

You take so many photos!

Look at your cell phone pictures — today much of everyone s  lives revolves around recording events on a cell phone. But as you  know, You do nothing with them! They stay on your phone until you finally have to take them off because you need space  So now your computer has abundant  files and albums, then you burn discs  and then you finally store them in a box. TRY THIS:

Share the memories

Photographing children  means  sharing the memories.  You can so this by displaying your photographs. I know its  ideal to record everything at your fingertips/all the time and I use my cell phone too.   But when someone walks into our home and stops and stares at the photos of our children on the wall – it takes their breath away.  Your children can see the pride you feel when you display a photograph of them or your entire family. they know you put thought into creating this memory.

Children’s photography is  as necessary as buying new clothes each year for them.

Put photography in the forefront of creating our family legacy

Think of Children’s Photography as the passage of time  recorded  forever!children-ritchey hats-w



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