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“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”
Albert Einstein

Three years in the making, I have arrived at my next destination!

With my residence “officially” in Sarasota Florida, I am settling in nicely but will be returning to the Lehigh Valley for photography shoots already!!


September 22 through 28th.  BOOK NOW!

Gather your family, friends, pets and make it happen!
(610) 390-6650 or

You will always have access to my photography, it may just require us to plan a little differently. This scheduled approach will help to keep us more focused and accomplish our goals efficiently.

Thank you to everyone that stopped by my farewell reception; it was good to see familiar faces from the past and present! I welcome all of you beach vacationers to visit me in your travels. You will be treated to a complimentary photo session as well as a tour of this sophisticated and beautiful waterfront city!

Sarasota is rich in culture and the Arts. I chose it purposefully because of my love of natural beauty and Art. The museum, research aquarium, botanical gardens, opera, ballet and theater, along with the beautiful beaches and warm waters of the Gulf coast, all enrich my desire to combine my fine art work and studio photography business.

While I can’t wait to meet the next 1000 +clients in this next phase of my 30+ year career, I am thrilled with the perspective that change and time have given me to reflect on how to structure the next phase of my life and career. Among continuing my portrait photography business in both Sarasota and the Lehigh Valley, I will also be pursuing my desire to teach and speak on my photography experience across the country.

Expanding on what this change means for me and my business, and specifically how this affects you – my client – I will use the word

P    H   O   T   O
as my symbol of change


PLANNING – I will be announcing my returns to the Lehigh Valley for photography weeks through my website, facebook, and newsletters. Please email and/or call to reserve your time during these trips. I will be taking seasonal requests to focus my returns and give you the chance to PLAN ahead.


HAPPEN– this will only HAPPEN by you making the plan and contacting me. I will make myself available nearly the entire time during my returns and will always try include 1 or 2 weekends with both the studio location (indoor and outside) availability. In addition, I can come to you –  home, work, or place of choice.   Distance does not mean the end of our relationship.  My talent and expertise remain here available to you!


OPEN – keep an OPEN mind as you think about booking with me in advance. It’s a luxury to call and pick anytime to book a photography appointment. But just as making any other appointment in your life, choosing who you want to work with requires thought, planning, and an OPEN mind.  I wouldn’t be making this work if I didn’t have an OPEN mind, so I encourage you to do so as well.


TIME – I will need TIME to make my plans to return. You will need TIME to decide what photography you need soon or during certain seasons of the year. I will be working every day and all hours during my return visits to the Lehigh Valley. Sessions will be held by deposit and the details available when you email or call to book your appointment.


OPTIONS -You will now have OPTIONS with how we finish our work together. All proofing remains the same, i.e. viewing images via my website.  Selected images can either be printed for you like we have done in the past or a disc can be ordered as part of your package to accommodate flexibility with your schedule.  Multiple OPTIONS for the disc purchase will be given ranging from 5 to 20 images retouched or un-retouched web or print files .

P h o t o g r a p h y
…”my vision photographing you makes an unforgettable memory!”

The only way a business can grow is through the clients that support it. I am lucky to have had the best raving fans for over 30 years. Please know I take this seriously and am devoted to service. In turn, every visit back to Pa. requires a minimum of business. YOU benefit by referring a friend before I return and with their booking, YOU receive a FREE PORTRAIT PACKAGE. So encourage that friend or relative to “try me”!

I have spent a lifetime building my business and now I have expanded.  I am still the photographer you hired before and now, a destination photographer as well!  Photography is everywhere creating our memories, but like everything else, experience makes the difference!

(610) 390-6650 or