Beach Portraits

Siesta Key Beach at Sunset

Siesta Key Beach at Sunset

Everyone needs to create a family portrait at some point and doing it yearly is my recommendation.  The opportunity to take beach portraits since we live on the beautiful Southwest coast of Florida is a reason to take advantage of this unique setting.

No matter what your age , taking a family portrait is a reliable way to record your family growth and memories. Not every picture has to be posed.  You can easily hire a photojournalist style photographer to capture the fun moments. Photojournalism is one of my favorite styles of photography. It allows everyone to be natural therefore recording you at your best!

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Suggestions that make your Beach Portraits unique!

1. Coordinate your wardrobe for Beach Portraits

Let me help guide you to coordinate your wardrobe. Yes, there are winning combinations of clothes and we have seen them; white shirts / mixed with denim or khaki  are an  example.  One of the  the reasons people wear this combination so frequently is because it allows you to look at the people and not distracting colors in clothes. This is a guideline, not a rule, so let your imagination enter into the success of the clothing choice. For example, know that corals and pinks photograph well against the blue of the sky. Oranges and yellows are  a natural compliment to blues and also blend well with warmth of the sunset.

2. Bring an activity along to Beach Portraits

Do your children play baseball, throw frisbee, perform gymnastics or dance?  If  children are not in the picture,  are you an avid reader?  Do you practice yoga?  Some of the most beautiful pictures I have taken incorporate the thoughtfulness of private activities to create your portrait memory.  Perhaps we could create a scene like having a picnic,  toasting the sunset, or relaxing on a blanket reading.

3. Add the family pet to your Beach Portraits

Bring the family dog!  Make sure to provide what will keep the pet  happy so they don’t distract from a successful photo shoot.

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Meeting time for best Beach Portraits

Beach portraits can be taken any time that works for your family, but for the best lighting  we meet approximately 1 hour before sunset.

Your investment for a Beach Portrait

To create this memory be thinking about making an investment of approximately $250.00.

Every photographer works differently. Some photographers include files in their shoots  or print packages. Others  choose to have you  purchase everything ala carte.  Some include discs with images retouched or images not retouched.  Choose the photographer because they have the talent and experience that will make your shoot both memorable and enjoyable.  It  is best to ask up front what is included so you can budget your entire investment.  When files , print packages or discs are included in a shoot from a professional, the price may vary according to what is included.  A professional portrait shoot is an investment in your portrait history. Before you take the family portrait with a cell phone to save cost, consider that most images from a cell phone are not large enough to create a wall portrait and that most people never do anything with these type of images anyway.

Locations for Beach Portraits

The gulf coast  has many locations to choose from fro beach portraits. Some families may feel an attachment to a certain beach and others  like the suggestions that photographers make based on their experience. Certain beaches  offer  flexibility in backgrounds. Consider all the beaches along  the coast and choose based on the look they offer and proximity to your location.

Here are a few beaches that offer a variety of great backgrounds for beach portraits ,

Siesta Key, Longboat Key, Venice,  Englewood, Coquina and Turtle beach.
Sunset- Turtle beach, Sarasota, Florida

Sunset- Turtle beach,
Sarasota, Florida


Sally Ullman is  a professional photographer located in the Sarasota, Manatee counties of Florida. She is available for hire as a portrait or business photographer.

Sally speaks to groups about the importance of using excellent photography through topics such as, “Visual Branding, Reinventing Your Career, and Following your Passion.” She recently added  the the “Impact of Vision”  to her speaking menu!

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