Baby Photography Program

This blog is about the importance of photographing your baby on a planned program.

Baby Boy with Blue bday hat - 300dpi - 1.5x1.5  Creating a portrait history for your child!

Imagine what a wonderful gift a baby photography program would b  to give the new baby in the family a    collection of photographs that creates your child’s portrait history to share  with future generations. I call this program,

   The First year of Life!

The First Year of Life offers so many exciting turning points from that first smile to a very unsteady first step!  I suggest portrait sessions to capture these moment . I suggest portrait sessions to capture these moments with Mom and Dad at 3 , 6 ,9 and 12  months. Be sure to include significant others people in your family when you can. Include , grandparents , and siblings too!

By offering a portrait program with a customized approach you can begin while you are pregnant or early after the birth of you child. through my personal touch you will have the opportunity to create beautiful memories in a comfortable studio or setting of your choice with an experienced photographer.Pregnancy pic 2 - 2011 - 300dpi

Before I moved to Sarasota, I instituted this  baby program in my Pennsylvania studio . It was at  least 25 years ago, when I started this program and it was  a huge success . Take advantage of this opportunity to not rely on your cell phone pictures and make this first year of your child’s life a memorable experience with professional photography!

I offered a contract that provided discounts for anyone that signed up for a minimum of 3 sessions a year and a maximum that was unlimited. With each session, I offered  free prints and other discounts that were applicable to parents wanting to display their children portraits on their walls  at home!

Ballerini Baby - 300 - small

Portraits as gifts!

Each portrait session could include a collage of prints to document the session. I can make a canvas collage or a metal  photo wall portrait that really offers an unusual  wall decor.  frames are not always necessary. Perhaps a beautiful sterling silver charm with your favorite photos on it to use as gifts for each grandmother !  There are many gift items to choose from;   custom handbags , jewelry, book tags, necklaces, the list goes on!


photobagpillow55Photo Charm Bracelet                     photobaggrabusky


Alexis Bracelet


DSC_6119-sally w camera mini image  160  Sally Ullman is a professional photographer with over 30 years experience. A published award winning photographer is available for hire in Sarasota, Longboat Key, Siesta Key and Lido beach.

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