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Could there be anything more adorable than babies!  Now look at baby photography!  It is hard to resist the expressions and beauty of babies found in photographs taken during the first year of life.

I love photographing babies and my love for this all started after the birth of my children. I realized  how important the First Year of Life is and how each moment something was changing. Today all of these moments are easily recorded by cell phone, but back then during the days of film,  I started to feel these moments were better saved as an every several months experience to record on film.

Years ago, film was expensive and our only option was to make prints professionally through a professional photographer  in the darkroom; especially if  my clients wanted wall prints or collages. Because of this I started to think that baby photography was better created when historic moments in the babies development occurred that showed changes during the first year.


The First Year of Life program


first year of life program baby #4 his first session

I developed a First Year of  Life program so parents could have a professional photographs taken on a regular basis to insure beautiful images were created of the babies first year.

Below are listed a few of those special milestones during the First Year of Life that I used as a guideline for scheduling photography sessions.



Maternity- usually during the 8th month of pregnancy (see my blog on maternity photography)

Birth- Photographing within the first few days after  birth or usually within a month

3 months- At this time  the baby is a little more plump and able to be shaped for some beautiful  positions and more alert.

6 months- Now this is when the baby sits up fir the first time.

9months – 12 months- The beginning of crawling, standing and of course the first steps!


First year of life program incorporating siblings

Consider the options for using professional photographs

The options are endless for how to save the photographs from your portraits session.

1. First Year of Life program -schedule a series of photos at different times during this first year.  Sessions are discounted for signing a year contract.

2. Collages- I can make collages to use of many photos in a frame, canvas or metallic finishes for the client.

3. Books-The options to make books of the babies first year are endless .

4. Mini portfolios- An adorable small portfolio of 10 images  plus a cover and back for you to carry with you  and give a s a gift!

5. Gifts – I make custom hand bags with your images and custom Sterling silver jewelry to give as gifts from your session.



Baby at the beach

Making an appointment-Sessions


Mom and baby at the beach

Call or email to make an appointment. My sessions are NEVER timed. Timing a session is asking for disaster;  everyone is under pressure to meet time obligations.  I do not allow this to happen.  Instead  I give you and your child my full and private attention.  We schedule when the time is correct for you and the baby. I am available anytime of the day because I love these sessions.


Sunset- Turtle beach, Sarasota, Florida

Sunset- Turtle beach,
Sarasota, Florida


Sally Ullman is  a professional photographer located in the Sarasota, Manatee counties of Florida. She is available for hire as a portrait or business photographer. Sally speaks to groups about the importance of using excellent photography through topics such as, “Visual Branding, Reinventing Your Career, and Following your Passion.”

She recently added  the the “Impact of Vision”  to her speaking menu!

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