Hiring Tips for  a Professional

Technology is great!  It’s what keeps us on the cutting edge of our chosen fields.

Cameras are great! Tomorrow there will be a better one for you to buy, and next week there will be an even better one to purchase!  Where does it all end?

Well quite frankly, it never ends. This new and better every day technology phenomenon is here to stay!
But just because there is a newer and better product introduced does not make everything new and better.  It certainly does not make everyone that owns the newer and better  a “better”  professional at whatever technology they call their expertise.

The context of my discussion today will focus on the industry of Photography and the difference between photographers that are technicians versus the photographers that are artists.  To some, this point of view may be controversial and even opinionated, yes, but I would like to address this discussion  from both of these perspectives.

Photography is a growing industry and the competition is fierce.  It remains a very important profession because of the trust clients place with photographers to capture these treasured moments in time.  Customers should ask themselves this question to determine what type of photographer may suit their needs best:

  • What difference does it make if I hire someone with years of experience, credentials and testimonials?  I am most interested in the lowest price to get the photograph I need.

Often this is the question asked and answered by the latter statement: the client is price-based and not seeking the experienced outcome.  Is this choice based on difficult economic times or on lack of knowledge as to which “photographer” can produce the best outcome for their needs?  An important distinction…

As technology continues to improve the ease of creating a photograph, more people emerge who call themselves professional photographers.  It seems as though photography hobbyist’s have an inflated sense of achievement because of their ability to obtain customers by cheapening the photography service itself.

These photographers dilute the lore and experience of what a professional photography session should be making the process seem so simplistic that a customer thinks, well – I can do this!  For example nowadays, it is common practice for a photographer to advertise a turn-key session for a very cheap price, hand the customer a disc of images and the job is complete!

For professional photographers like myself, this can be extremely frustrating as my clients will share with you, my process inspires photographs created through an experience yielding artistic, beautiful portraits that capture special moments in time.  It becomes apparent that in most cases, the value of the experience can be cheapened by technology.

So back to the topic at hand, what is the difference between the two styles and titles: Technician or Professional Photographer?

In my opinion, the technician is a person that purchased a quality camera, but has not received any formal training in photography, achieved no credentials nor testimonials,  nor degrees in photography.  Although photography may seem like a simple art, the ability to capture varying degrees of simplicity and portray it in a photograph is what makes a professional, a professional.

Consider the following scenario.

Would two people setting up a camera at similar scenes produce essentially the same results?  The answer is No. The professional photographer will produce a vision, make decisions to produce artistry with the end result a photograph.  A technician on the other hand will focus the lens, snap the picture, perhaps do minor adjusting in photoshop and produce a record of the event.  In addition, a technician may provide no follow up in terms of customer service.


If you want a unique and memorable photograph, consider the thought that goes into producing it.
I am a professional photographer with an art degree, photography experience, credentials and testimonials to back this experience for over 30 years.

When I meet with a client, whether it be for a family portrait or a business branding session,  I am bringing all the experience with me through my interactive consultation process.

IN BUSINESS – YOU DEPEND on your business presentation to attract clients to use your services.  Your income potential is a direct result of this fact.  Since our goal is to be the best that you can be –  MAKE  SURE  a professional photographer is in charge of the image you present, recording an event or snapping an automatic camera is no substitute for experience and vision.

Your family photograph deserves the creativity and selective vision that a professional brings to the experience.  YOU DESERVE PROFESSIONAL SERVICE , FOLLOW  THROUGH AND CREATIVITY that a  professional photographer brings to make a memorable photograph.

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