(some of these suggestions are most successful from the child’s point of view)

Fathers truly are the essential ingredient in any Family dynamic.  Why not make this Father’s Day extra special with a homemade gift!  The hustle and bustle of today’s world allows us to take the simple and “easy” way out of gift giving, especially for those that sometime mean the most.  Another tie, coffee cup, or shirt…how many times can that gift be given?  Yes, those are meaningful and appreciated, but this time, MAKE THE TIME FOR DAD with these special photography gift ideas:

  1. Make your own photo card for Father’s Day.  Take a minute and reflect back over the past year, were you and Dad together at a Family event, holiday, or picnic?  Grab that photo and give it special meaning in the form of a personalized card!
  2. In this card, pick the date and time and tell Dad you will create another special memory together, i.e. take a walk (or bike ride) with just him. That day, be sure to take a picture of you doing this with dad so you have it for another photo card and holiday!
  3. Ask Dad one week in advance what he would like to do for Father’s Day and see if you can make his wish come true! Be sure to bring your camera, and take pictures of you and him what he wanted to do, together!
  4. Bake a cake or Dad’s favorite dessert rather than buying it, take a picture, make a photo card and present it to him for Father’s Day.  Then serve the special treat for an after dinner dessert – make the card come to life!
  5. Write a poem for Dad and have him read it.  Use this as a photo opportunity to use for a later holiday and keepsake!
  6. For those that are musically inclined, sing a song for Dad!  Have Mom or sibling(s) take pictures while you are singing of Dad’s expressions to capture, and present these images to him along with the written words of the song as a memory.
  7. Ask Dad (this may be a good one for Grandpa) to tell you or your children about his life when he was your (their) age.  Capture this “story time” with your camera and present this image to him as a gift.
  8. Take this idea one step further, and include a written version of his story (summarized by you) with the photo you take and present to him in a frame.  What a memory and legacy item to pass along to your children!
  9. Give Dad the space to rest on Father’s Day and sit quietly with him.  Perhaps enjoy the setting of his or your backyard or a quiet bench in a park, etc.
  10. Ideal for small children, make Dad a Daddy and me and/or Family puzzle! I highly suggest you start this project at least one week in advance.  Begin by taking a picture of your future puzzle image.  To do this, take a picture of dads face, and then privately take a picture of all the kids’ faces, print out on computer paper (2 copies of each face).  Keep 1 set of pictures to reference while putting the puzzle together, and then take the other set and cut into a few shapes. Put in a box and give to dad and have fun putting all the pieces back together again while observing how much the family looks like each other!

There are so many ways to uniquely honor Dad this Father’s Day and hopefully the above inspires you to use the art of photography!  Don’t forget, I also have custom photo gifts that are very easy, unique, and special for Dad’s as well.  Gift Certificates are always a good idea and sometimes help to the Family to MAKE THE TIME to get together and schedule your Family Portrait!

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