Just right next to the thought of “where can I get headshots near me” comes an even more daunting question; “how to choose a professional headshot photographer near me”. Getting a pro to handle your casual or business headshot photography doesn’t need to be so much of a challenging task when you have a guide to find just what you are looking for, and that’s what this blog post is all about!

So how do you choose? What requirements determines your choice? What should you pay the most attention to right now? Is it possible to get headshot photography near me? These are all important questions if you are looking to get the most out of those headshots by a professional headshot photographer. Business headshot photography remains one of the most lucrative and professional types of photography, which means finding a headshot photographer is beyond googling “business headshot photography near me“. You are faced with so many options, and you never know if they are any good.

As a professional headshot photographer myself, I have compiled a list of 5 tips to help you choose the perfect headshot photographer for your professional and effective headshots.

1.   Read Reviews Carefully

Finding the perfect headshot photographer is more than just a “business headshot photography near me” search on google. With so many options listed out, you might be wondering how can I pick the best one. The best way to know how well a photographer is and predict how your shoot will go is not by how good their website looks but by what their customers think about them. A headshot photographer who prioritizes reviews undoubtedly pays enough attention to detail to provide you with the best headshot photographs. Catchy words can be done with a copywriter, but reviews it’s all about their customers.

Reading reviews also has more than just checking the star ratings and deciding it’s a good one. Appraisals should be read as carefully as possible. Remember that it is also possible to get reviews written for you by friends or even for sale. This means such reviews do not precisely portray the headshots with a genuine experience with the photographer. This is why I said read reviews carefully.

One mistake people searching for headshot photography near me make is that they consider equipment a good enough reason to choose a headshot photographer. Prioritize reviews over every other thing. A good headshot photographer will have no issues putting his reviews out there.

2.   Check Out Their Previous Works

As emphasized in our previous tip, finding business headshot photography near me is more than just a google search. Going through the website will have you face to face with a lot of carefully structured, convincing words that have you thinking, “this might just be the one”. Don’t be swayed just yet; try out this tip. Look through their portfolio. There are headshot photographers who put everything but their portfolio on their website. Sometimes, you are asked to contact them to get a look at their portfolio. While this might be a policy in place for a reason, it is 80% of the time; it is a red flag which means you should run!

Now for those with a portfolio, it means you get to predict how your shoot will come out just by looking at their previous work, the professionalism behind it, and if that is how you would like your headshot photographs to come out. Please don’t pay too much attention to the gear but to the photos’ quality and message. Suppose your photographers’ portfolio is filled with pictures of one person taking different stances and looking in different directions to make it seem like different photos. In that case, that’s also a red flag that means they are not the one, and you should keep looking.

3.   Choose Someone Who Focuses On Headshot Photography

If you have ever looked up “headshot photography near me”, then you are sure to have seen loads of options on the first page. No, here is the thing you most likely never paid enough attention to. Photography in itself has so many niches, with specialties in some of them. This means some people specialize in specific niches in photography. Pre-and post-wedding, legacy photography, professional headshots, or baby shower shoots are most common.

When considering niches in photography, some are more lucrative than others, which means the more lucrative they are, the higher the chances of them being listed on websites as one of their many photography services. Then when you take a look at their portfolio, you end up seeing about 2 to 3 photos in that niche with a price attached to it. If you are looking to get professional headshots done, it is most advisable that you opt for someone who specializes in headshot photography to ensure you are getting nothing less than the best.

4.   Communicate Pre-Shoot

Just like every other interaction, communication is critical. It is possible to find a good photographer for your headshots, yet your pictures come out nice but is not exactly what you wanted. This is because there has been a communication issue. As much as your photographer has the expertise and experience to bring out the best headshot photographs, communicating pre-shoot is equally essential. A good photographer engages you with discussion and ideas from what you will be wearing to a preferred backdrop in mind to make sure that they have the proper understanding of what you want your headshots to look like during the event.

Areas like dress code, color, expressions, motive, custom requests, all of these are important to communicate between you and your photographer.

As most people will ask, “Is your photographer a people person?” getting your headshots taken would mean you would be booking a session with your photographer. They need to communicate how the session would go and what would be required of them. Even though the photographer is good, the inability to communicate necessary things and carry all parties along can lead to issues before, during, and after the shoot. Your headshot should not just be a protocol but a smooth, exciting experience for you as well. So if a business headshot photography near me is what you have in mind, then I advise you to get a photographer who already shows signs of solid communication.

5.   Agree On Pricing And Make Sure You Are Happy

First things first, when you want quality, be ready to pay for quality. Unlike birthday shoots, legacy photographs and business headshots attract more cost. So before going ahead to fix that date and get that shoot done, the pricing would be another determinant of whether you will be getting the shoot done with the one you have found or with another one. The chances are that in your search for an excellent professional headshot photographer, you will end up with a list of your top 5. Here is where pricing helps you choose. Be careful not to go for one just because they have the lowest price of them all. Consider each one and take a pic of one that offers a fair price for quality service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Headshot Photos Cost?

Most headshots photographs take place in sessions, which means you will most likely be paying per hour—an average headshot photography session costs around $150. The price of headshot photography varies between locations like Sarasota, Florida, Lakewood Ranch, or Bradenton. You can find it for $50 in some regions and even up to $500 in some. Location and how long the session essentially determines the cost of headshot photographs

Can You Take a Headshot Yourself?

Yes! It is possible to get a headshot taken yourself with a good phone camera and excellent background. Headshots photographs are what they are, headshots. The only thing is that there is a bold difference between getting it done yourself and getting it done by a professional. So you can always get one taken yourself, but to get the most out of it, get a professional to handle it for you. You cannot expect to compare the quality of lighting from a professional photographer to something you get with a cell phone. There are background considerations as well, perspective, angle, the discussion of details as to dress and hair and makeup, etc.

How Do You Find a Good Headshot Photographer?

Especially if you are in Sarasota, Florida, Bradenton, or Lakewood Ranch, the chances are that there are lots of qualified and even more unqualified headshot photographers in your area. With all the tips listed in this article, if you follow them well, you will be on your way to finding the best photographer for your headshot photographs.


The right headshots will make the difference between stunning quality headshots and a high school passport photograph. It’s more than just gear, lightning, and the perfect smile. There is more emphasis on professionalism and expertise in business headshot photography than in any photography. If what you have in mind is a “business headshot photographer near me”, then your search is over. At Sally Ullman Photography University Park, FL, your headshot photographs will be the best you have ever had!

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