Branding with Photography

There must be millions of symbols that can instantly trigger your emotions, experiences, and memories. If I see the colors pink and orange together, I get thirsty and excited.

If I see the golden arches, I know exactly what food they represent.

If I see a white apple, I visualize technology and associate it with quality and costly.

We live in an age of information overload; everyone and everything battling for our attention.   This struggle is not new, but one that represents the reason that visual branding is crucial for businesses to survive in today’s economy.

In my opinion, Visual branding is the key to influencing your business. Branding shifts your focus to designing elements for instant identification.  However adding photography to produce an image in one’s mind and association to the brand adds an interesting and competitive dynamic.  Through the years, we have moved from a predominately text base society to a visual language society, forcing businesses to react and now speak this “visual language”.  Businesses that are able to organize their visual brand, generally outperform their competitors.

When seeing an individual on their business card, or on a billboard, does that define Visual branding?

In marketing, communication, and design, we often think of a photograph as an identity,  “just take a picture and put it on my card…done.”  If you end there, you may preempt an opportunity to reinvent your business personality all together.  Business personality is enhanced through a photograph.   Ask yourself, “What do people think of when they see my name or my business name”?  Through a photograph, you can help them visualize you, remember you, and ultimately brand you.

Your brand is an identity, it’s not just a word -it has a vision.  Performance and reputation play a role in a success of the image, but certain names and images define their brand.  Like people, businesses have personalities too, and while your identity and personality are connected, your personality is what sets you apart.

So the visual branding of your “business personality” may be the solution to separating you from your competition.  People achieve this in different ways.  My first approach defining your business through a consultation and interview process; discovering the visual branding part may take time.  Perhaps a photograph of an individual isn’t enough, so how do you take advantage and create a visual brand?

Through my 30 years of experience as a professional photographer, I have developed the skills necessary to identify characteristics that allow me to artistically portray you through visually branding.  My goal, through my interactive consultation process, allows us to create an image of you, and branding for your business, to set you apart from your competitors and make you unforgettable in your marketplace.

Sally Ullman is a professional photographer located in Sarasota, Florida.

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