What is Photography and why it is important for your business?

We live in an age of information overboard; everyone and battling for our attention. This struggle is not new, but one that represents there

Your brand is an identity, it is not just a word, it has a vision!

Branding photography is for your small and corporate business and includes creating an identity through business headshots, executive portfolio photography, and product identification. Professional photography is essential to separate you from your competition and is an investment in Branding.

There must be millions of symbols that can instantly trigger your emotions, experiences, and memories. If I see the colors pink and orange together, I get thirsty and think of Dunkin Donuts.

If I see the golden arches, I know exactly what food they represent.

If I see a white apple, I see technology and I think it represents quality and is expensive. We live in an age of information overkill. There is always a battle for our attention and communication. This struggle is not new. But it is one of the reasons that BRANDING PHOTOGRAPHY is crucial in business in today’s economy.

I think visual Branding is the key to influencing your business. Branding shifts your focus to designing elements for instant identification, and I specifically want to introduce Branding Photography into this dynamic. We have moved from a predominate textbase society to a visual language society, and now businesses speak that visual language. Businesses that can organize their Branding generally outperform their competitors. If I see a picture of someone on their business card or on a billboard is that visual branding?

In marketing, communication, and design, we often think of a professional photograph as an identity. I want to integrate the term visual Branding and the use of Photography into your business. “Easily done,” you might say, “just take a picture and put it on my card, done.” If you want to be finished at that point you may preempt an opportunity to reinvent your business personality.

Your business identity can be enhanced through a photograph, or perhaps it can even be made entirely by a professional photograph. Maybe it is a picture of you or maybe your business has a “personality”. What do people think of if they say your name or your business name? Maybe through a photograph, you can help them think of you, remember you, and therefore brand you. And not necessarily with a symbol or logo, but with a professional photograph.

Your BRAND is an identity, and it is not just a word -it has a vision! Performance and reputation play a part in a success of an image, but certain names and images define their brand. Like people, businesses have personalities too, and while identity, like who you are and personality, are connected, our identities and personalities are connected, but it is your personality that sets you apart.

So, the Branding Photography of your “Business Personality” is the part that has the chance to separate you and your business from others. There are many ways to achieve this, but the first approach is to define your business through a consultation or interview process with Sally Ullman Photography and to determine the Branding Photography part may take time. With some businesses, it may be difficult to find a visual identity. Perhaps a photograph of an individual is not appropriate so how do you take advantage and create a Branding Photo? Branding can consist of many things, for example – is your office building distinct? Do you have a team approach? Is your writing unique?

Tips for Building an Unforgettable Identity!

    1. Identify your Business category and what it represents.
    2. Check out their pricing, inclusions and even through SEO their keywords and what you have in common on keyword searches.
    3. Write down all the characteristics that describe what you are and how you would like to be perceived. Once you compile that list, you could fine-tune it and make sure you have full command of your brand to reach your customers and, more importantly, your potential customers.
    4. The adjectives and characteristics that make up your brand ideally differentiate you from your competitors and provide a clear understanding of what your business is not only capable of doing, but also what it is known for, and how you successfully sell your products and services.
    5. Your employees should know what the brand stands for and be true to the brand in everything they do.
    6. Communicate Your Brand to the Public
    7. Communicating your Brand positioning is not just about the adjectives you choose to support what the brand equals. It also involves the methods and way you are communicating the Brand to the general public and, more importantly, to your target consumers. This has to do with the messaging and communication of the brand to others.
    8. Get Target Customers to Amplify Your BrandFinally, when your target consumers understand the nuances of your brand and can distinguish how your brand differs from the competition, you might have hit the ultimate brand goal.

      Develop Your Brand’s Creative Elements
      The next step is to create the look, feel, and voice of the brand that will be carried through all marketing channels – from the website, to social media, advertisements, and packaging. “A Brand’s visual vocabulary will be reflected in your colors, fonts, logo and overall style,” says Raquel Baldelomar. The Brand voice should be distinctive, resonate with you.

    9. Analyze and Refine the Brand Identity
      While it is crucial for a Brand to establish an intrinsic value to the consumer, it does not mean it should not change over time. To remain competitive, companies must routinely analyze and refine their Brand to ensure it’s delivering on the promises of what the company stands for. “One of the benefits of digital advertising is the ability to track, target, and test new strategies and tactics,” shares Raquel Baldelomar. “Your Brand identity should not just be a mission statement on the wall and logo. Your brand reflects your thinking, your character, and your values.”As with any art form (and business IS an art form!) the one thing you can bring to the table that no one else can is your own, unique perspective. If you water down your message to please everyone, you will get lost.

      To make sure that does not happen use Photographic images that are updated every year to catch and maintain your customers attention. to update your professional corporate headshots, business headshots, model portfolios, and business portfolios of images used to rotate throughout your social media and print campaigns. This is key to your success in maintain an online updated image! From beginning with makeup application and hair styling to the end portfolio of Professional Brand Photography!

What Is Branding Photography and Why is it Important for your Business?

What exactly is Photography Branding?  You may see a website or Instagram that just looks so put together.  The photos are all different, yet they all send the same message, have a consistent color palette, and just an overall “feel” that draws you in. It sends a message. It is distinct to that business. It’s just looks, PERFECT.

Branding is styling your business in a way that creates a mood, feeling, consistency, with the intention of conveying a particular message! When people think of your business, you want them to be able to describe it in a positive way that is unique to YOU.  Photography branding in simple terms, sets you apart from the competition with a distinct style. Don’t try to be like everyone else in the industry!

Consistency in a brand is key, and it starts with the little things. That means you need to represent your personal values while creating a portfolio of images  that are updated yearly and rotating them throughout your social media! People want to know what they are getting when they spend their hard earned money.  This consistency creates feelings of loyalty and trust, unique to you and your business.  Colors and fonts on your website seem like minor details, but it’s in those details that people begin to get a “feel” for your brand. A little insight into the human brain; people feel safe when they know what to expect.

What do you want your overall brand to say about you and your business? Think of 3, 6, or 10 words that you want your images and style to mimic.  Here are some examples:

Classic, clean, minimalistic, colorful, joyful, fun, emotional, dark, moody, vintage, elegant, creative, funny, caring, professional…

You get the idea. Now, every time you want to showcase a photo on your website, Facebook or Instagram, ask yourself if the image you are going to post meets those adjectives. If not, maybe consider posting something else. When you start operating from this framework, everything will come together in time.

Essentially, everything we do and say has an impact on how others ‘see’ us. A personal brand is a reflection of our character, skills, talents and passions in life and how they are perceived by those around us.

The art of building a strong personal brand draws on the concepts of authenticity, excellence, and uniqueness. It celebrates and enhances the aspects of our image that make us who we want to be.

The main elements of building a recognizable personal brand encompass creativity, credibility, professional visual representation (through photos, colors, design, email signature, etc.), a strong online presence, being memorable, and being consistent. It’s important to meticulously plan out how you’re going to implement each element and then connect all of them into a coherent ‘story’. For the sake of this article, we will only focus on the importance of visual communication and, in particular, the impact of professional photography.

Using photography to reinforce your personal Brand is an excellent way to take advantage of the visual nature of the human brain. If you’re running an online business or building an online portfolio, high-quality, authentic, original professional photography will play a crucial role in delivering the personality of your brand. It’s one of the most effective ways to enhance your positioning as an expert and instantly connect with your readers or Great looking professional photography will give your Brand another layer of trust and appeal.

We know that it takes the brain less than 30 seconds to process visual cues, so ensuring your blog or website
is charged with bold, beautiful images will help you capture and keep people’s attention and establish a unique image. Enhance all the benefits from professional photos by making sure you establish your brand’s visual style from the very beginning, so that all the images you use align with your overall value proposition. Think about adding a little something to differentiate your visuals from all the other content available online – your name, domain name, logo, special effect, or anything else that works with the content you produce customers.

Personal brand is an investment in your future!

Personal Branding is just another form of branding that focuses on enhancing the qualities of a person rather than a company. So, the most important part of this process is figuring out how you want to be seen by others and what associations you want to build around your name. Professional photography will make your communication more engaging and add a touch of authenticity to your brand as well as ensure that quality and style is something that comes to mind when people think about your brand.