Having a Unique headshot is a way to stand out and is becoming more popular in Sarasota and beyond. A unique headshot could make you seem innovative to a potential client, distinguishable from your competition, and helps you draw attention to your marketing materials.

  1. BRAINSTORM: Think about what the message of this headshot is going to be. Is this a ‘take over the world’ headshot or a ‘friendly customer service’ type of headshot? Make a list of qualities you would like the headshot to convey.
  2. RESEARCH: Search online for headshots. From here you will get an idea of what other people have been doing. By looking at other headshots, you can get an idea of settings, wardrobe, and expressions.
  3. COMMUNICATE: Talking to and trusting your photographer are the most important parts of getting a headshot, especially if you are looking for something unique. Your photographer should be able to help put your ideas together into something that will ‘wow’ you.

Standard headshots are still very popular, and work for many people, but if you are looking for something a little different, follow the above process and you should end up with a professional photo that not only looks good but is functional in the way it represents you. Book an appointment with me, Sally Ullman, to ensure you get a headshot that works for you! 941-301-8926